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  • Series Pure and Sensitive Shave Gel

    The dye and fragrance free shaving gel is designed for sensitive skin. It hydrates, protects and refreshes. Do you know that hydrating can reduce the force required to cut beard hair by up to 40%? Hydrating not only opens pores to help cleanse your skin, but also softens your hair, making it easier to cut. What about telling us what you think of this product once you tried it? Gillette, The Best A Man Can Get since 1901.; Triple action: hydrates, protects, refreshes; Fragrance and dye free; Designed for sensitive skin; Rich lather to help protect; Lubricants for smooth glide.

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  • Fusion® ProGlide® Shave Gel Cooling

    Gillette Fusion Proglide Gel Cooling.
    Helps Soothe the Feeling of Irritation.
    Shave Gel.
    P&G Worldwide Partner.; ; The Fusion ProGlide Cooling formula, with menthol, helps reduce the look and feel of irritation; For a high performance shave; With Menthol

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  • Series Sensitive Skin SPF15 Moisturiser

    G Fact: Walking to work each day for a month can cause as much sun damage as a week on a tropical island. Finish a great shave with this non-greasy moisturiser, with SPF 15.
    Delivers important moisture benefits to your skin. Directions: Apply to face and neck after shaving or anytime.; Finish a great shave with this non-greasy moisturizer, with SPF 15.Instantly absorbs to hydrate just shaved skin; With Sun Protection Factor 15; Suitable for everyday use on sensitive skin

  • Fusion® Hydra Shave Foam Sensitive Skin

    Prepare your face with Gillette's best shave ever with Gillette's new Fusion Hydra Foam.
    Its proprietary aloe infused formula is designed to partner with the fusion shaving system for an incredibly comfortable shave. Its hydrating emollients and lubricants form an invisible layer that protects your skin from the first stroke to the last. Hydra Foam Sensitive Skin is suitable for men who have sensitive skin. It contains Aloe and Vitamin E.

  • Series 2in1 Intense Cooling Aftershave Balm

    Get incredible skin comfort after shaving with the Dual-Cooling Complex found in this innovative balm. The lightweight formula hydrates to comfort just shaved skin and contains Gillette's highest level of cooling ingredients to provide an immediate and intense cool.; 2X Double Action: To comfort & cool; Immediate and intense cooling relief on just shaved skin; Lightweight formula; Hydrates to improve moisture retention throughout the day

  • Series Sensitive Skin Aftershave Balm

    G Fact: Balm formulas can be traced back over 1500 years finish a great shave with this lightweight, non-greasy blend of ingredients that help enhance the skins protective moisture barrier, for healthy-looking, hydrated skin. Conditions to soothe just shaved skin. Helps seal in skins own moisture. Directions: Apply to face and neck after shaving or anytime.; Instantly hydrates to soothe, refuel, and help protect just shaved skin by sealing in moisture; Suitable for everyday use on sensitive skin

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  • Fusion® ProGlide® Clear Shave Gel

    You want to showcase your best facial hair stylings. But before anyone can see it, you first have to know what, exactly, you’re shaving. Introducing Gillette Fusion ProGlide Clear Shave Gel, the transparent and non-foaming shave gel that brings you control of your shave. Unlike traditional gels and foams, Fusion ProGlide Clear Shave Gel is specially formulated for shaving and edging, giving you a clear view of the hair you’re shaving. What’s more, this gel is formulated with advanced lubricants for incredible shaving comfort. Perfect for use in and out of the shower, this gel works equally well on your face or your body for added versatility and value.; Gillette Fusion Proglide Clear Shave Gel transparent and non-foaming allows you to see where to shave and edge for an incredibly precise shave; Transparent and non-foaming shave gel lets you see where – and what – to shave; Formulated with advanced lubricants for incredible glide, comfort and smoothness; Great for use on your face or anywhere on the body

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  • Series 3in1 Instant Hydration SPF15 Moisturiser

    The 3-in1 formula: Hydrates- Our moisturiser instantly hydrates your just shaved skin leaving it feeling refreshed & revitalised throughout the day. Conditions- The light-weight, non-greasy moisturiser, with Vitamins B3, E, and Pro-Vitamin B5, helps condition skin to give an invigorated look. *Protects- With SPF15, it also helps protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays;Gillette series 3in1 Hydrates, Conditions, and Protects* instant hydratation moisturizer.

  • Series Irritation Defence Soothing Aftershave Balm

    Helps reduce 5 signs of shaving irritation:
    Dryness, Burning, Stinging, Itching, Tightness. The Irritation Defense formula Hydrates to relieve dryness and Soothes the burning feel of just shaved skin. Formulated with an active soothing complex and a touch of aloe.
    Directions: Apply evenly to face and neck after shaving or as needed.; ; For incredible comfort, use a ProGlide razor with Irritation Defense products every time you shave